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Style Muse of the Month

Des Belles Choses

Every month we pick one of our inspiring followers and make them our ‘Style Muse’! This month’s muse is Julia! She created her blog 'Des Belles Choses' seven years ago. At that time she was only 16 years old, since then a lot has changed, but her love for the beautiful things in life, which inspired the name of her blog, remained. The French name of her blog represents Julia's roots, as she grew up at the German-French border. Today, Julia lives in Cologne and works as a full-time blogger.

'Des Belles Choses' combines fashion and travel. Julia takes her outfit shots all over the world: you can find her in New York, Maldives and Berlin. She provides her followers with the most beautiful spots to go to, and travel inspiration to last a lifetime. Her style is indescribable and unique just as her topics on the blog. Julia never wears black, that is why her looks and her pictures are always bright and colorful.

When traveling and in my daily life, I wear whatever I like. I know no rules and love contrasts. My favorite Stilnest piece is the 'wild' necklace. It describes my journey of blogging and also the way I dress. I also love the combination of silver and gold: it has something special. By the way, even my new apartment has been decorated in these colors.

Julia's next big adventure is already planned: a three-week trip through Thailand in the beginning of the new year. Her beautiful necklace is already on her packing list!

Thank you Julia for sharing a little about yourself. If you want to see more of Julia's inspiring styles, and journeys, then make sure to check out her blog, Instagram, and Facebook
Friday, November 3, 2017