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When personality becomes a story, a story becomes a statement. Stilnest designs are made of the creative pulse of their origins, from New York to Berlin, London to Hawaii. Discover the stories behind the designs.

Gift Guide - Girl Power

Seasonal Gift Guide

Gift Guide - Travel Addicts

Seasonal Gift Guide

Gift Guide - Ear accessories

Seasonal gift guide

Stilnest Team Picks

Jotta's Favorites

Style Muse of the Month

Des Belles Choses

Stilnest Team Picks

Anna's Favorites

Style Muse of the Month


Stilnest Team Picks

Duncan's Favorites

Stilnest Team Picks

Lucy's Favorites

Spring Jewelry Trends 2017

Find out what must-haves to wear this spring

What Your Jewelry Reveals

A guide to what your taste says about you

Let's Fall in Love in Paris

City Style Guide

A Gold Heart Pisces

Pisces horoscope and characteristics

Stilnest Team Picks

Robin's Favorites

Style Muse of the Month


The meaning behind 'Clarity'

a Jewelry line by Camden Scott

Style Muse of the Month


Don't Stop Believing Aquarius

Aquarius horoscope and characteristics

Have a Lovely Valentine's Day

These Pieces will make you fall in love

Have an Anti-Valentine's Day

Me, myself and I

The Best of 2016

A Year in Review

Jewelry Care and Storage Tips


Capricorns are the Champions

Capricorn horoscope and characteristics

How to Stack Rings

Stack it up, stack it up

No Stopping the Sagittarius

Sagittarius horoscope and characteristics

The Ultimate Gift Guide

Seasonal Gift Guide

Tea with Anna Saccone


Gift Guide - Nature Lovers

Seasonal Gift Guide

Bethany Marie Interview

The Peaks Collection

Gift Guide - Stargazers

Seasonal gift guide

The Art of Living

Maria Turiel and Itziar Aguilera
Stilnest Halloween

Alysha Nett interview

How to have a spooktacular Halloween

Gift Guide - Animal Lovers

Seasonal gift guide

It is all about the Scorpio

Scorpio horoscope and characteristics

Style Muse of the Month

Mon Mode
Stilnest Fall Accessories

Fall Jewelry Trends

The must haves for this fall
The Buffalo Offering Dinner Header

The Buffalo Offering Dinner

Save the Buffalo with Bethany Joy Lenz
Style of the Week, The Time Traveler

The Time Traveler

Style of the Week

Shine Bright Like A Libra

Libra horoscope and characteristics

Art Of The Statement

Assembly No.14 ring

Traveling in Style

Jewelry for the chic globetrotter

It's A Virgo World

Horoscope and characteristics of a September born

The Goth Princess

Style of the week

The Country Sweetheart

Style of the Week

Interview: Helly Luv

Talisman of freedom

The Urban Dreamer

Style of the month

Roaring with the ‘Leo’ness

Horoscope and characteristics of the August born

Quote Corner

A penny for your thoughts...

Stilnest favorites

Designs you will love (our other customers did!)

Fashion week favorites

Get your dose of Berlin Fashion Week

Keeping up with the Cancerian

Horoscope and Characteristics for July born

A dream of the sea

Daria about her Fashionshell collection

Cool elegance - Get the style!

Black and delicate silver make the perfect match.

The Perfect gift for June

Typical characteristics of the Gemini

Jewelry for powergirls

Strong designs for strong women

Pick your spirit animal

From jolly jellyfish to to cool koala

Get your festival essentials!

Must haves for the perfect summer style

Zodiac Collection

A very personal collection by Anna Saccone

Delicate Hearts

A first glimpse on Anna-Laura's collection
Nilam Farooq aka Daaruum, Fine Forms collection

I am: Fine Forms

The first collection by Nilam Farooq aka Daaruum.

Last minute gift cards

Jewelry for mother's day

10 best gifts for Mother's day

These suggestions will make any mother beam!

City Guide: Luisa Lión's L.A.

Favorite places and Celebrity hotspots

Fashion seduction

Our launch dinner with WALD Berlin

Our Festival Collection

By Jana Wind of

Defining Moments

Vom girl next door zum Supermodel

Greek Eye

A summery collection by Zina Fashionvibe

Five Favorite pieces in may

The most beloved designs of the month

Flash sale: 40% off on rings

Discover the ring sale selection

The WALD jewelry collection

Beautiful earpieces by Berlin's trendsetters

Material Girl

Flowing forms


The collection by LoveTheCosmetics

Dear Mocca!

A collection for dog lovers


A unisex jewelry collection by Barre Noire

Harmony Collection

Three friends translate their bond into jewelry


The story behind Masha Sedgwick's collection
Berlin Fashion designer Hien Le designs his first jewelry collection Match Point, sold exclusively on Stilnest


Sneak Peek to the collection by Hien Le
Masha Sedgwick's Basic Jewelry Guide

Jewelry 101

Masha Sedgwick's Basic Jewelry Guide


Die erste Kollektion von Luísa Lión
Delicate Hearts Kollektion von Anna-Laura Kummer

Countdown! Anna-Laura Kummer

Auf dem Weg zur ersten Schmuckkollektion

Statement Collection

Designs for enthusiasts

Comic Connection

Jewelry that comes as a bombshell. Boom! Bang! Pow

Spiritual Designs

The Chakra Collection by Lisa Bender

I am: The celebrity jeweler

Otazu's success story began on the red carpet

90s Charm Revival

The 90s are back!

Fashion Week Street Styles

Spotting Berlin's most fashionable looks

I am: Wildly Cute

Ironic lighthearted pendants by Daniel Bennett

Les Mads @ Berlin Fashion Week

Interview with Marina Hoermanseder

Buckle by Marina Hoermanseder

Shop the Runway Jewels - Berlin Fashion Week

Crystal by Augustin Teboul

Shop the Runway Jewels - Berlin Fashion Week

Pastel Party

How to top off your pastel look with jewelry
Marcel Ostertag Desert

Desert by Marcel Ostertag

Shop the Runway Jewels - Berlin Fashion Week
Berlin Fashion Week, Shop The Runway Jewels

Shop The Runway Jewels

Jewelry directly from Berlin Fashion Week

I am: A Fashionable Family

Bande des Quatres creates extravagant jewelry

Statements Of Geometry

Shapes and lines in precision
Designer Francis Bitonti, Design Visionary

I am: The Future of Fashion

Francis Bitonti is a design visionary

Character Story: Easy Elegance

Lighthearted designs with class.
Statements of Summer, Designer Jewelry by Stilnest

Statements of Summer

Jewelry that stays cool during high temperatures

Statements of Happiness.

Designs, die garantiert für gute Laune sorgen.

I am: Meaningful Motifs

The Symbolism collection by Lisa Bender.
Knuckle rings, Stacking rings

More is more

Knuckle and Stacking rings are team players.
Statement jewelry, powerful designer jewelry, designer Jewelry Sale

Statements of Power

Strong designs that will knock you off your feet.
Maria Jennifer Carew, LessIs, Designer jewelry collection

I am: Clip Fever

The reinvention of the necklace.
Customized Wedding rings, Designer jewelry, Stilnest

A love less ordinary

Customized jewelry for unique love stories.
Statements of Fragile Beauty, Stilnest Curator's Sale, Designer jewelry

Statements of Fragile Beauty

Delicate designs and details.
Lucasplus, Lucas Goossens, Designer jewelry, Plus collection

I am: Power of Plus

Plus Collection by Lucas Goossens
Statements of Gratitude

Statements of Gratitude

Presents for your very own most special person.
Anna Schetelich, Oona Galerie, Berlin

“Between art and design.”

Interview: Anna Schetelich, Oona jewelry gallery
Statements of pure tranquility

Statements of Pure Tranquility

Reduced designer pieces for inner calm.
The Goodhood Store, London

London - Fashion Forward

Fashion and Design Guide for the British capital.
Statements of Dark Elegance

Statements of Dark Elegance

Mysterious, morbid, modern. Favorite designs in black.
Axel Brechensbauer, Solid Gold for Wearable Art, Miniature sculptures in 14carat gold

Solid Gold for Wearable Art

Miniature sculptures by Axel Brechensbauer in 14carat gold.