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Stilnest Team Picks

Duncan's Favorites

We have already had some great choices from some of the Stilnest team, so we are back this month with our latest Stilnest team picks! This time around we have our first male opinion, from our Head of Marketing Duncan! Let’s see which pieces are his favourites.

‘I love you’ necklace

A lot of my picks are actually gifts that i have bought for my loved ones, and for me, this is the ultimate token. The ‘I love you’ necklace by Joy Complex is based off the soundwaves of the phrase itself, so you can literally carry love with you wherever you go. I bought this for my mother (cheesy i know!) to represent the love I will always hold for her, and she wears it everyday!

‘Worldmap’ necklace

Travel is a big part of my life, it really helped shape me into the person that I am today, and anyone that has travelled for a long time knows that it’s a very personal experience. As soon as I saw Luisa Lion’s ‘worldmap’ necklace it resonated with me, and anyone who has travelled would love this piece as it shows what exploring the world can mean to the adventurous.

‘Minimals Bear’ necklace

I absolutely love the whole Minimals range by Daniel Bennet, each animal is the perfect combination of cuteness and good design. Living in Bstierlin, the bear symbol really represents the city for me, so it made the perfect gift for someone who loves this city too. Everyone has that one animal that they can’t help but share memes or cute videos about, so this collection is such a great gift idea!

‘Gold Pigger’ ring

The Dandy Diary guys are unique animals. They are daring, fashionable and unpredictable, everything that represents Berlin style. Their ‘Gold Pigger’ ring is the perfect embodiment of this, a cheeky winking pig (the logo of their vegan diner) in a chunky gold signet, and a secret engraving inside that can’t help but make you smile. And the best part? It’s unisex so men can wear it too!

‘Stilnest Squad’ collection

I know I am meant to only choose individual pieces but I really cannot choose which of these phone cases is my favourite so I’m choosing the whole collection! Each case was designed by a local creative here in Berlin. I loved meeting them all and working closely with them to help bring their ideas to life and the end result is an eclectic mix of daring and trending designs. Special thanks to Erik, Tina, Nina, Laura and Anh for creating them!

Friday, June 30, 2017
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