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Stilnest Team Picks

Anna's Favorites

We’re back with some lovely Stilnest team picks! This time from the head of the Acquisition team, Anna! The picks in this edition are just as diverse as our Stilnest family, each one unique and interesting.

Kseniya Vostrikova - Solar Eclipse No.2 Earrings

Magic earrings that go with everything. I was guilty of owning way too many earrings and not wearing any - until I discovered these. Highly detailed and luxurious, they are still extremely versatile AND perfect for sensitive ears. No girl has time for irritating earrings when she has a whole world to run. Light, dainty and nickel-free is all I need to wear my Solar Eclipse 24/7

Xteeener - Bon Voyage #1 Necklace

Never have I ever received as many compliments on a jewellery piece. Everyone simply loves it. Negin Mirsalehi has shown a ton of ways to wear it: with a high-neck sweater, an oversized shirt or a fancy bikini. I gladly followed suit. Then my fashionista friends followed. Now it feels like everyone wants a piece of this necklace!

Buse Terim - Ad Astra Phone Case No.2

Generation Z kids like to change their phone cases every now and then, like you would change shoes or lipstick color. Well, I'm too old for that. My cases stay with me for months, I take ages to find the perfect match. The gorgeous deep blue Ad Astra case is my love of the moment. When going through tough times, you sometimes need a reminder of where you are really heading. In these moments, having the statement “To the Stars” at your hands works wonders.

Frau Hölle - Alphabet necklaces

When you gift your beloved a necklace with theIr initials, it means a lot. It's dainty, versatile and personal. They are happy,  they wear it and think of you. Enough said? Wait, there is more. Every piece contains a bit of Tanja Capell’s lettering craftsmanship - she has developed every single letter by hand with her signature style we all know and love. P.S. I got a pair of initials for myself too - mainly because having "AI" on my necklace makes me feel a little cooler.

María Turiel - Pulse ring

"Why can't you JUST LIVE?", - my mom wonders every time she hears about another first world problem of mine. We all strive to have more and be more, often forgetting to “stop and smell the roses”. The Pulse Ring from Just Live collection is all about that - being present in the moment and treasuring things and people that make you feel alive. A talisman for who you should be rather than focusing on the little irritations of life.

We want to give a big thanks to Anna for sharing her favorite pieces with us, and for being a great member of our team! We are constantly inspired by the amazing stories and meanings behind various pieces, which means that there’s always room for more #StilnestStyles

Friday, September 15, 2017
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