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Style Muse of the Month


We need to take a second to appreciate every single one of the wonderful Stilnest followers. They are not just super stylish, but also super talented. Every month we pick one of our inspiring followers and make them our ‘Style Muse of the Month’. Today Sabine from the blog SabinePerler is sharing her story with us!

Sabine is a 26-year old blogger from Basel, Switzerland. She has been taking some gorgeous pictures and sharing them on Instagram for a little over a year. She also started her own lifestyle blog recently. Besides blogging and photography she loves swimming, traveling and of course shopping.

Sabine describers her style as casual, nothing crazy. She truly feels that feeling comfortable in your clothes is the most important part of fashion. Basic T-shirts, oversized items, jeans and blouses are her ‘go to’ items. She likes compliment her outfits with a few select jewelry pieces like a necklace, ring or earrings.

My Zodiac necklace means quite a lot to me!

‘Why I love my two golden jewelry pieces so much is because of their delicate nature. My Zodiac necklace means quite a lot to me. I am a Cancer and I feel like this shows in my character. And my ring is super elegant and pretty with its smooth service.”

Thank you for sharing a little bit about you Sabine! We agree comfort is important and using accessories can make your outfit a bit more exciting! If you want to see more of Sabine’s style follow her on her blog, Instagram and Facebook. If you would like be our next ‘Style Muse of the Month’ you can just upload a picture on Instagram wearing your favourite Stilnest jewelry, tag us and use the hashtag #StilnestStyle and you might just be our next muse!
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
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