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Let's Fall in Love in Paris

City Style Guide

Paris the city of love, light and all things fashion. There is no denying that Parisians have impeccable style. They just have that certain je ne sais quoi, something we all secretly would like to have a bit more of. In this new segment we are taking our top city inspirations and showing you how to achieve the look simply by accessorizing!

Romantic, simplistic and artistic these are three of the words that perfectly describes what fashion in Paris is all about. Stay true to yourself and don't over think it. Parisian woman love a loose blouse and a nice minimal necklace to accentuate the neck. Take any necklace from the ‘Liarose’ collection by Michele Maturo, for example. Their simple yet elegant designs won’t take the attention from your outfit, but it will add that little extra touch. There you have it, the perfect everyday look.

If there is anything every French woman loves, it is having lunch while catching up on the latest fashion news. Creating the perfect look for an afternoon like this can seem a little tricky. The key is to look confident and sophisticated while sipping on a delicious coffee. Put your hair half up, minimal make-up and add the perfect earrings like the ‘Tempo No. 1’ earrings by Savannah Outen to spice it up. If you like a pair that is a little bigger and has more detailing, the ‘Solar Eclipse’ earrings are a great pair.

Going out for drink on the weekend with your girlfriends? Put on a pair of jeans, a striped top and your favorite fitted blazer. Add a brooch like the 'Girl Gang Brooch' and voilà you are ready to hit the town. Looking good!

Dressing like a Parisian beauty is all about the mindset. You are a strong woman and you can do anything you set your mind to. So get out there and just do it. Imagine yourself strolling along the Seine with a macaroon in hand. Allons-y!

Thursday, February 23, 2017
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