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Spring Jewelry Trends 2017

Find out what must-haves to wear this spring

Even though winter is not officially over just yet, we cannot wait for the sun to start shining again and for Spring 2017 to finally be here. In the world of fashion, the new season is already in full bloom. And just because the weather has not changed yet, that doesn’t mean that we can’t start shopping for new trends. There are some amazing choices when it comes to jewelry. Some old, here to stay, and quite a few new accessories we can’t wait to rock. Here are four of our favorites for this year!


Guess who’s back, back again

The first trend is one that is an oldie but a goodie we are, of course, talking about the choker! Big and chunky, delicate and simple or luxurious and velvet, they are all hip and happening this season. If you are looking for the more traditional version of this necklace the ‘Dahlia Choker’ is the way to go. The black velvet makes for a elegant yet edgy look. If delicate is more your thing the ‘Essentials Choker’ or ‘Daydream Choker’ are both great options for you, opulent and definite must-haves.

Double trouble

Simple jewelry may be more suitable for everyday wear, but it is all about intricate designs. There are two types of accessories that have a lot of detailing, but are still good for your day to day style. The first is the hand chain. Creating the look and feel of a ring and bracelet in one! The ‘Theia Hand Chain’ and the ‘Dahlia Hand Bracelet’ are both gorgeous examples. Or you can go for the ‘Bon Voyage’ or ‘Theia’ lariat necklace, giving you a layered look. Both are real eye catchers, very Cleopatra!

It’s all about being natural

If you love crystals and gemstones, then you are going to love life over the next few months! Say goodbye to your diamonds and hello to natural stones. The delicate colours of these gems create a classy look and with a lot of them having special healing powers, they’ll also help improve your health and well being. Camden Scott’s line ‘Clarity’ combines chakra’s with the power of the Cabochon and with three different styles you can incorporate another trend, layering.

A flower a day keeps the doctor away

Last but certainly not least: floral. This is the one trend that we cannot ignore, because at the end of the day this embodies the blossoms of spring-time perfectly! Our favorite floral piece is... wait no, we can’t pick a favorite! Every piece in ‘Blossom’ by Rebeca Labara is gorgeous and has that little bit of open detailing that makes it so unique! If flowers aren’t really your thing try ‘Nature’! With it’s lavish designs you are sure to get a lot of complements.

We are so ready to take on the challenge of accessorizing for the season of love, flowers and new beginnings! If you decide to get one of these awesome trendy pieces make sure to snap a picture and share it with us on social media. Tag us and use the hashtag #StilnestStyle and we will make sure to do a repost.

Friday, March 17, 2017