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San Pedro Ring with Aventurin

High Gloss & Sandblasted Ring
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Designed by  Nilam Farooq

Product description

Throughout our life there are many small things that become like our personal treasures, they contain memories and remind us of all the places we have traveled to. It is like our most treasured personal tale, our life's journey. Nilam Farooq is sharing some of her most prized possessions in ‘Odyssey’. Each piece has a very special meaning to her. The Dori Necklace is designed for one of Nilam's friends. Her friend Dori used to own a necklace almost identical to the one Nilam designed. Both girls loved the necklace until it got lost; so Nilam decided to take inspiration from the original and design a new one. The 90's Choker is a homage to the area in which Nilam grew up. As a real nineties’ kid she used to wear chokers all the time when she was a teenager. The San Pedro Ring is inspired by a ring she owns and bought in the Atacama Desert in San Pedro, Chile. It is one of her most valued jewelry pieces. “The Atacama Desert is the most beautiful and magical place I have ever seen in my life and I have a strong connection to the place and the ring.”

Every jewellery piece is made using 925 Sterling Silver and is plated in rhodium, 18 (unless otherwise stated) carat yellow gold or rose gold. We do not mass produce, every item is made just for you, which is what makes it so unique. We even hand finish every item we make, ensuring the finest quality for you. Whether it is for yourself or a gift for a loved one, our jewellery is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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