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Make a Wish Cross Ear Hoops

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Designed by  Luísa Lión

Product description

The ‘Make a Wish’ Collection is truly inspired by my followers and the people around me. It features two symbols I really love - stars and crosses. I grew up quite religious, but believe that a cross is more than a religious symbol. For me, it is connected to prayers, to positive thoughts, to wishes and things I want to accomplish. As a teenager, my first jewellery piece was a cross necklace that I got from my mother. I wore it non-stop until I lost it years later during a holiday. I’ve always loved stars and pretty much buy anything with stars on it. Since I was a little kid, I’ve always looked up in the sky, imagined little stories and thought about the future. I wondered where I would live, where I would find my partner and how the sky would look from there. Stars just inspire me to dream, and I hope the will do the same thing for others. My community knows about my obsession with stars, and ask me to bring out a collection with stars on a daily basis. So here it is! The ‘Make a Wish’ Collection is my take on jewellery ‘classics’. I hope they will bring joy and hope to everyone. Make a wish and work for it!

Every jewellery piece is made using 925 Sterling Silver and is plated in rhodium, 18 (unless otherwise stated) carat yellow gold or rose gold. We do not mass produce, every item is made just for you, which is what makes it so unique. We even hand finish every item we make, ensuring the finest quality for you. Whether it is for yourself or a gift for a loved one, our jewellery is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

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