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Lashes, Camera, Action! Phone Case No. 1

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Designed by  Hatice Schmidt

Product description

Beauty enthusiast and Youtube sensation Hatice brings us her iconic big lashes to her collection ‘Lashes, Camera, Action!’. When it comes to describing Hatice, bold colors and badass style are inevitable. Modern and cool, while maintaining sophistication and elegance is her style and this has attracted many viewers and followers. Through the designs on her phone cases, notepads, and sketchbook we can see her vibrant personality emit the unapologetic cool girl vibe. Neon lights come together perfectly with Hatice’s cool aura, and this has become the showcase design for her collection. Lashes are her best friend, and these mega lashes make an appearance on the covers of her phone case and sketchbook! Hatice of course can’t forget to design something for the German fashionistas out there, with her ‘#gööörl’ print also in neon glow. Like many, her love for her cat is something that is irreplaceable, and we can see that from the chic, custom made, drawing of her and her cat on the phone case and notepad. The gold rings and logo details on the notepad adds an elegant finish to the product. For all the cool girls out there, this collection, full of style and vivid colors, is the essential accessories to accompany your daily grind!

Each phone case is made out of extremely strong and durable Polycarbonate. To have strong and resistant colors, we bring the design with over 300°C onto the material. Each case is made to order and printed with a high quality resolution seamless image. Our premium cases come with cutouts for all major buttons, speakers and microphone inputs.

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