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Food & Training Log #plantraincreate

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Designed by  Rachel Aust

Product description

We all need to start somewhere and battle something in order to reach the apex of our lives. This collection by Rachel Aust sums it up in 3 words, plan, train, create. The name of this collection may ring a bell, this is because the name was actually chosen to go with her famous EAT, RUN, LIFT platform. The collection consists of 2 blank notebooks, and a planner, which will help you document, or even kickstart the journey towards health nirvana. The planner prevents anyone from getting lost in their thoughts and goals, as everything is neatly organized into a daily food and training log and a monthly planner lasting for 3 months. At the beginning of each section, there is a general monthly planner to get an overview of the entire month. To keep up with your daily progress, the daily log has sections for you to note how much water and sleep you’ve had, the workout routine of the day, and even the nutrition in each of your meals! Wellness enthusiast or not, the minimalist and industrial style of the stationery is perfect for anyone!

All of our stationery is is assembled on demand, just for you. All products are produced within Germany, to ensure the highest quality standards. The covers are made with digital printing on the front and back to ensure vibrant, long lasting designs. Write, jot and scribble with pride!

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