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EHFAR Airplane White Phone Case

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Designed by  Luísa Lión

Product description

Luisa Lion is not only a blogger but also confident business woman who makes things happen for herself. To match this attitude, Luisa has created a line of phone case designs, inspired by the values and mottos that have brought her to where she is today. One of the designs is inspired by EHFAR, which stands for ‘Everything happens for a reason’, the belief that the good and even bad things that happen to you on your journey, all happen for a reason. Luisa is a strong believer that you must follow your instincts in order to live the life you want to live and become who you want to become. Another design carries the motto ‘The sky is the limit’, to remind people not to feel boxed in by life and believe in themselves. Luisa is a woman always on the go and regularly travels the world so it only makes sense that her trademark airplane symbol makes an appearance in this collection. With stylish marble patterns and feminine hues of pink and grey, this collection makes a great everyday companion to remind ourselves to always stay positive.

Each phone case is made out of extremely strong and durable Polycarbonate. To have strong and resistant colors, we bring the design with over 300°C onto the material. Each case is made to order and printed with a high quality resolution seamless image. Our premium cases come with cutouts for all major buttons, speakers and microphone inputs.

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