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Planet Prudence Bullet Journal

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Designed by  Planet Prudence

Product description

My love for books, sketchbooks, pencils (all stationery really!) is eternal, and I would pretty much buy all of them if I could. It was only a matter of time until I would design my own stationery collection. Here it is! This first Paper Club Collection drop consists of 2 stationery products - a bullet journal and a super special planner. These two books will add a little sparkle and joy to your daily life, will make daunting to-do lists that tiny bit more fun and colourful! The Planet Prudence Planner is undoubtedly the most special piece of the collection. It is filled with some of the most famous Planet Prudence illustrations, a 30-day drawing challenge and even a period tracker (cause no one’s got time to stress about that, right?). It also comes with the cutest sticker sheet, filled with tiny pizza stickers (everyone’s favourite food, it pretty much deserves its own food group!). The Paper Club Collection represents me & Prudence the character so well. It’s so genuine and real and will help you overcome a few struggles, like thinking that you are the only awkward human being on this planet. This collection is basically an ode to always ending up in the funniest situations & being able to make fun of them. I want all you Planet Prudence fans to join Paper Club, the coolest club around. You CAN most definitely sit with us!

All of our stationery is is assembled on demand, just for you. All products are produced within Germany, to ensure the highest quality standards. The covers are made with digital printing on the front and back to ensure vibrant, long lasting designs. Write, jot and scribble with pride!

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