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Capricorn Bracelet

High Gloss & Sandblasted Bracelet
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Designed by  Anna Saccone

Product description

One of Anna Saccone’s signature items is her Scorpio star sign necklace. This piece is not only jewellery to her, but a really personal talisman that she inherited from her father. This special necklace inspired Anna’s first jewellery collection of beautiful star signs, which is now growing with the same beautiful star signs made into delicate beracelets. The Zodiac bracelets are made from 925 sterling silver and can be plated in gold or rose gold. The chain length is onesize and it is adjustable at three points (15,17 and 19cm) to fit different wrists.

Real character pieces need the right material: Stilnest jewelry is made of high quality 925 sterling silver. Rhodium plating protects the silver from tarnishing and scratching - or it is plated in real gold or rose gold.

Selected Stilnest pieces are made from fine polyamide, that most people know as nylon. The futuristic material is hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear. Its great stability and light weight make fine polyamide perfect for bigger designs.

Stilnest manufactures every piece in demand for you through the power of 3d printing. Our producers are perfectionists with a great knowledge - the also know, that machines can’t do everything. That is why every Stilnest design is polished or refined by hand.

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