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Calavera Necklace

High Gloss & Sandblasted Necklace
Made to order
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Designed by  Megan Massacre

Product description

Tattoos are a very personal and unique way of expressing oneself. World renowned tattoo artist, Megan Massacre loves the art behind tattoos and has found her own special style of doing it. Better known for her use of vibrant colors and intricate designs, she is extremely applauded for her distinctive sugar skull designs. This art and passion of inking gave way to the launch of her jewelry, ‘Calavera’, which also was a great way of giving her designs an all new outlet. An ode to the sugar skull, the collection consists of a ring, necklace and bracelet; all designs hand sketched by Megan. The pieces are an interesting mix of edgy and sophisticated; meant for today’s power women who love playing with stereotypes; while still being chic.

Real character pieces need the right material: Stilnest jewelry is made of high quality 925 sterling silver. Rhodium plating protects the silver from tarnishing and scratching - or it is plated in real gold or rose gold.

Selected Stilnest pieces are made from fine polyamide, that most people know as nylon. The futuristic material is hypoallergenic and comfortable to wear. Its great stability and light weight make fine polyamide perfect for bigger designs.

Stilnest manufactures every piece in demand for you through the power of 3d printing. Our producers are perfectionists with a great knowledge - the also know, that machines can’t do everything. That is why every Stilnest design is polished or refined by hand.

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