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Berlin Edition Ninaco Ninaco

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Designed by  Stilnest Squad

Product description

We are kicking off our Stilnest Squad collection with the Berlin Edition! We have teamed up with some of our favourite creative individuals based in Berlin to make an amazin and diverse phone case collection. First in line we have Erik Scholz, award winning blogger of his namesake site Erik works hard to balance his work with his university student life and takes it all with humour which is reflected in his ‘stop complaining’ design in a chic and modern black and white pattern! Next up we have! Nina dines herself as someone who grew up online (we are not surprised, she knows how to run her blog like a boss) so she created the ‘digital native’ design with help of her favourite ‘100’ emoji to reflect always giving everything to what she does. One look at the Girlxdeparture blog and you know this girl is all about travelling and chasing adventures! From Europe’s most hidden beaches to the Maldives, Laura gained a loyal following by sharing all her beautiful adventures online. Paired with her super feminine aesthetic this makes for a truly beautiful ‘worldmap’ phone case that perfectly reflects her lifestyle. Tina aka ‘style appetite’ has, as the name reveals, a real hunger for fashion and style and knows a thing or two about trends so it’s no surprise that she designed a watercolour leaf design that is super trendy right now and a must-have for all trendsetters out there. Last but not least is the super stylish Anh, who is a fashion designer and took the pattern for her case design from her graduate fashion collection which was inspired by her favourite things. Anh loves the sea and sushi and both elements are reflected in a truly unique and fashion forward accessory! Berlin Edition for the win! Now it’s just time to pick your favourite design and happy shopping!

Each phone case is made out of extremely strong and durable Polycarbonate. To have strong and resistant colors, we bring the design with over 300°C onto the material. Each case is made to order and printed with a high quality resolution seamless image. Our premium cases come with cutouts for all major buttons, speakers and microphone inputs.

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