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Stilnest Team Picks

Lucy's Favorites

We already introduced our new segment to you guys last month and you all loved it! So we are back this month with our Stilnest team picks! This time our Marketing Manager Lucy is showing you her favourite pieces. Watch out guys, this girl knows a thing or two about style!

Chakra Ham Ring

I just absolutely love rings! One of my goals for 2017 is to end up the year with at least one ring per finger. Once the Clarity Collection by Camden Scott was out I just knew one of the rings from the collection had to be mine (tough choice, they are all gorgeous!). The Chakra Ham Ring ended up winning, the spikes have something quite powerful to them and give it a different look from any other ring on our store. My crazy lady ring mission is on!  

Daydream Choker

Of course this choker had to make the shortlist! I have not taken it off since the day I got it and I made at least a handful of people purchase it - call me an enabler! It might be difficult to see from the photos, but the way this piece catches the light when you put it on is just straight up magic. It just adds a little sparkle even to the most boring of the outfits. It started a little obsession of mine of pretty much anything that has moons and stars on it!

Girl Gang Earcuff

The whole Girl Gang Collection by femtastics is just so up my street - heart shaped pieces, gorgeous pink, red and white crystals, what more could a girl ask for? All the pieces from the collection are gorgeous (hello, sneaker jewellery!) but this earcuff completely stole the show - it just makes any “ear party” aka ear layering a little bit more interesting!

Letter L Necklace

Oh, a little bit of self love never killed anyone. When the Alphabet Collection launched around Christmas time I just knew I had to get my hands on an initial necklace for me, for all my family & and close friends! The fact that each one of the 26 letters were handwritten with a brush pen by Frau Hölle makes these pieces even more special. Perfect gift alert - personal and handcrafted!

Aperture Ear Jackets

In my opinion, the strongest piece Stilnest launched last year. Sharon & Karima did an absolutely amazing job with their Aperture Collection, specially with these ear jackets. I am a self confessed makeup lover and being this collection inspired on Sharon’s & Karima’s lives as beauty gurus, I just could not help but fall in love with the pieces. Plus, you get 2 pairs of earrings in just one, depending on if you wear the lower lash piece or not - complete score!

Thanks so much to Lucy for sharing her favourites with us! We hope you loved reading them and finding out more about our team! We are already working on next month’s picks so stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
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