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Stilnest Team Picks

Robin's Favorites

At Stilnest we love working with influencers and empowering them to bring their ideas to life. Our team is full of talented people from all over the world and all of them have their own unique style. We want you to feel a part of our Stilnest-family and that is why we are introducing a new segment; Stilnest Team Picks. Today we are talking to Robin, the Content Editor for Stilnest. She picked her top five favorite Stilnest pieces and will tell us a little bit more about why she loves them!

Anna Saccone - Zodiac Necklace

I have been watching the SacconeJolys since I was in high school and I always loved the story behind Anna’s necklace. I was never really into astrology, but I think we all secretly read our horoscope and try to find similarities between ourselves and the characteristics of our star signs. When I got the necklace I put it on and - cliche as it may seem - I haven't taken it off every since. It is one of those pieces to me that just feels like a part of me now as I do think I am a typical Aquarius.

Dandy Diary - Gold Pigger Brooch

I am obsessed with this brooch. Truth be told I always thought brooches were for old ladies. However, the ‘Gold Pigger’ brooch is far from that! I love how cheeky the little pig is and it looks amazing on a denim jacket or even on a beanie as a cute accessory.

The Festival Collection - Midnight Moon Ring

Rings, there is literally not any kind of accessory that I love more than rings. I love stargazing and the moon always reminds me that dreaming is something that keeps you motivated to always do more and do better. The little moon on this ring embodies that for me, which is funny since I am a content creator so whenever I am writing it kind of reminds me of that.  

Emilie Ristevski - Daydream Choker

Staying in the theme of the moon, my favorite choker we have ever made is the ‘Daydream Choker’. Being a 90’s kid, I love chokers. The reason why I think this one is so nice is because of the dainty little moon. As I said before, the moon really inspires me and helps me follow my dreams and also it just looks cute with any outfit!

Maria Turiel - Pulse Ring

It’s not just the beautiful design that drew me to this ring, but also the meaning behind the piece. It is easy to forget that life is such a fragile thing and that we really should try to make the most of each moment. To me this means finding pleasure in the small things like enjoying a walk through the city, having a good laugh with friends and food, of course.

Thank you for sharing Robin! We are so excited for you all to meet the team behind Stilnest, keep tuned for more from our team picks soon! Share with us why you love your Stilnest jewelry by tagging us and using the hashtag #StilnestStyle!  

Thursday, February 16, 2017
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