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Gift Guide - Girl Power

Seasonal Gift Guide

We all have a wonder woman in our lives! Strong, independent, and unstoppable. Stilnest has teamed up with a bunch of creators who concentrate on Girlpower and strive to unite and support women around the world! We have chosen our favorite statement pieces which make perfect gifts for that special woman in your life.

The future is female! Edition F, a digital powerhouse, has created the “Female Future Force” collection. Their pieces such as the “Female Future Force” Pink Phone Case are perfect for that friend who is in desperate need of some phone protection! Gift this piece to anyone who would love to have this powerful motto as a daily companion.

Another phone case which has a sassy touch to it would be one from the “Just in case” collection by Carmushka. The collection is full of playful girly references, such as “girls bite back” and “stay badass”. These cases make a wonderful gift as they indicate boldness, female dominance, and a bit of cheekiness at the same time.

#Girlsrule says it all. A statement piece for all the confident and independent gals out there, the #Girlsrule phone cases tell us that you don’t have to take anything too seriously, or you’ll forget the fun of life! With the “Sorry not sorry” quote, and “Girls Rule” socks, they definitely bring out that breezy personality in you!

If we take a quick dive into the “Lashes, Camera, Action” collection, you will find the perfect gift for someone that has the classy mix of sophistication and rebel! The designs in this collection are very vibrant and elegant, take the Lashes, Camera, Action Phone Case No.1 for example. It can be combined and styled with its matching T-shirt. You can’t get more “Gööörl” than that!

Earrings are always a nice jewelry piece to gift someone, but we always forget to pay attention whether the person has piercings or not! The Girl Gang Earcuff is the solution, here’s why: it's elegant, simple, and you don’t need a piercing to rock it! Plus, it's a lovely invitation to become part of the girl gang community. For those of you who want to go for earrings, or even combine them with the ear cuff, the Girl Gang Ear Jacket are the right fit!

We hope that we made your lives a little easier by suggesting these wonderful gifting ideas! Remember that we have over 40 collections to browse through, so if these pieces aren’t your cup of tea, we have endless amounts of pieces to discover! If you gift or receive any of these amazing pieces make sure to tag us and tag #StilnestStyle! Happy holidays!

Sunday, December 17, 2017