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Gift Guide - Ear accessories

Seasonal gift guide

Christmas is fast approaching, that means an influx of gifts are approaching! This content piece is here to save you from worrying about finding the perfect present for your mother, sister, friend or even you!

Ear accessories are the perfect gifting idea, one, you don’t have to worry about ordering the correct size, and two, every part of the ear can be made more beautiful with some special Stilnest pieces! Styling ear accessories in unique ways gives you a reason to avoid wearing that winter beanie! Piercings or not, there’s no excuse to not gift someone a gorgeous earring or ear cuff.

Ear pieces come in different sizes, shapes, themes, and designs, which can complement the unique style of that special someone you have in mind. The diverse amount of collections by our trendy talents gives you an endless amount of giftable pieces which can be mixed and matched within and across different collections.

Gifting tip 1:

A gift which complements the earlobes using crisp, solid shapes? The WALD collection has the perfect pieces which do the job! The Bella earcuff, with its organic form and the Opal earcuff with its warm gems, really helps achieve a “forget me not” look. Lisa Bender’s “Balance #4” earrings are the cherry on top, creating that additional bold look.

Gifting tip 2:

A combination of the Theia Hoop earring with the Star Dancer ear cuff is the perfect gift to create a subtle, yet eye-catching look. With both pieces in silver, the combination creates a very elegant and soft feel. This style is perfect for adding a little extra flair to your casual outings.

Gifting tip 3:

A perfect gift for the fashionista, with more modern, metallic vibes, are the Ad Astra earrings by Buse Terim. The pieces are inspired by the beautiful stars in the night sky. Stars navigate us when it's dark, and teach us to stay calm and focused, just like the person you’ll be gifting this holiday! The earrings also have Swarovski crystals, making it super stylish and polished.

A sweet idea: The Ad Astra earrings can be a great friendship piece, being split between your best friend and yourself. It also adds a healthy dose of edge to any outfit!

At Stilnest, we encourage our customers to go nuts and experiment with different shapes, sizes, styles, and pieces, creating the ultimate look of authenticity for anyone!

Friday, December 1, 2017
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WALD Berlin

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