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Cuckoo Project

Week Five - Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

It's the last week - it's showtime! We just came back from London, spending the last days on the most popular exhibition for 3D printing: the 3D Printshow in London. It's been amazing! We captured some special moments for you and of course: you'll finally see the printed cuckoo-clock!

Make the bird sing with #stilnest.

Five weeks have passed by so far – with a lot of trouble but also inspiring new contacts from the 3D printing scene and an amazing fruit of collective creativity. We started with a crazy idea in mind: five artists from around the world, five weeks of digital collaboration, resulting in an collective and 3d printed remake of the very symbol of traditional craft.
Bringing the cuckoo into the 21st century with social media and the beauty of contemporary manufacturing, the participating designers paid tribute to something so quaint that it could survive regardless of technological advancement: the genuine warmth of a cuckoo. (3D printing industries)
A warmth that thrilled many visitors at the show last weekend.

But as it goes with every good project - you‘re as happy that is done as said. Thats why the cuckoo clock will go into a second round. We asked people on the show what colour they want to see the clock in. And within the next weeks we are going to ask you as well! This time it‘s your turn to finish the cuckoo clock, so stay tuned and order our project newsletter!

3 Days with the most impressive inventions of 3D technology.

The industry is not as young as you‘d guess but technological developments got the 3D-print-inventors to the point that they want to change the world in its roots. The claim of the show is characteristic: „The world is about change again.“ Beside printed cars and organs, the UK starts educating the use of 3D printers (....) and between all this we were able to present our cuckoo-clock! We met great artists from all around the world. We were so glad to ran across Tom from Studiosinth, Owen Buck from London and Johannes by SHAPES iN PLAY. All of them are already part of our design collective. We were impressed by the enthusiastic feedback of press, partners and upcoming designers – and of course by all the nice visitors. We were delight to have such great neighbours next to our stand! And last but not least, Rachel from 3D printing industries bestow an title on Julian Leitloff. Up from now he is officially declared as our „Charming CEO“. We just want to say „thank you“ to all of these people and don´t want to loose in details, so just enjoy some impressions of the show by yourself.